Number of Homes for Sale-Greater Phoenix

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Look at the drop in inventory levels in the last year!


Is HAFA Worth It?

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Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative,  or more affectionately know as HAFA, is a government initiative that was created in 2009.  It is designed to assist homeowners who are not able to qualify for or complete a loan modification program, such  as HAMP.   HAFA is designed to help homeowners avoid foreclosure who meet certain requirements.

Some of the benefits of HAFA:

  • Allows borrowers to receive pre-approved short sale terms prior to listing the home
  • Requires borrowers to be fully released from future liability  for the first mortgage debt
  • Provides $3000 in financial assistance for borrower relocation

In theory, HAFA sounds like a great program. Every seller wants a full release from future liabilities when they are considering a short sale, and who wouldn’t want a 3k check handed to them at closing?

However, the requirements to participate in HAFA are ever-changing and vague at best. And although the loan servicers have made a conscious choice to opt into the program it is a government program, which means that sometimes it can be SLOW and painful to move through the HAFA approval process.

Take the following timeline as an example:

3/28 – HAFA paperwork submitted to Bank of America (BofA)

4/25 – Borrower calls to check in and BofA says they can’t find his file

5/23 – Appraisal is complete and uploaded into the system.  ***Note, it should typically take 2-4 weeks for an appraisal to be completed and uploaded on an average, (non-HAFA) short sale. This had taken 60 days and a ludicrous number of calls to get to this point.

6/20 – Appraisal value is uploaded, and we have our approved HAFA price (90 days later!)

* Note, this is not short sale approval. 90 days later we received the price that Bank of America had decided we could list and sell the home for; gee thanks.

Eventually this home did close, after 2 more months of negotiating and stalking, I mean following up with Bank of America. That was 5 months after the borrowers initially applied for HAFA.  The borrowers did receive their full release and collected their check at closing.  Was it worth it?  There were many times throughout the transaction where we all would have said, heck no,  absolutely not.  However, when we closed and they picked up their check and knew they knew they were fully released, they were ecstatic. Was it worth it? In the end it was.

Tempe Home For Sale On a Quarter Acre Lot

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Take a look below at our latest and greatest listing!

3011 S Palm Dr. Tempe, AZ  85283

Take a look at this great Bradley built Tempe home we just listed.   It’s located in the heart of Tempe, just off Rural Rd. & Southern.  It is over 2100 square feet, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and sits on a 1/4 acre lot in Brentwood Manor.  The backyard is super private, features an RV Gate and is large enough for a pool.

Contact Team Wilson today for more information or to schedule a private showing.

Residential Market Statistics-Phoenix Metro Area August 2011

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At 27,762 active listings in the MLS, inventory is at a 5 year low. It is down 48% from its peak in November 2007.

August 2011: 104 days inventory

April 2008: 425 days inventory

Sumo Sissy

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Sumo Sissy

As soon as Samantha was born we started calling her Sissy. Of course, it makes perfect sense that as the little sister her nickname would be Sissy. Is this a nickname that will stick until she’s grown and gone to college? Will she introduce herself as Sissy to her co-workers on her first job ?

To make it even worse, sometimes we even add in the title of Sumo Sissy in the mix.  Take a look at those thighs, it takes pure talent to wedge those in between the crib slats, doesn’t it?

This Gilbert Home Sits On An Oversized, Corner Lot

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Welcome home! This great new listing of ours sits directly behind the fabulous shopping at San Tan Village Mall.

1750 S Portland Ave. Gilbert, 85295

Awesome Corner Lot!

Eat-In Dining

This home features 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a  huge, upstairs loft. It is just over 1850 square feet and is in the perfect Gilbert location.  The loft is the perfect play area, den, or office.  It also boasts a family room, living room and spacious eat-in kitchen area.

Spacious Loft

The best part about this great house is the fabulous lot/yard. The home sits on a 9,803 square foot lot and has both  a storage shed and RV gate. The backyard and front yard have been meticulously landscaped and are well maintained.


Covered Patio

Contact Team Wilson today for more information or to schedule a private showing of this home!

Frostbite In The Desert

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Yep, you heard it, Jeremy was lucky (or should I say unlucky) enough get frostbite over the weekend. No, we didn’t secretly jet off on a trek in the Nepalese Himalayas. The culprit was apparently a Walgreens freezer pack.

The Culprit

Jeremy had been icing his ankle for the past few days because of a running injury and then started complaining that there was a rash on his ankle. We assumed he had suddenly become allergic to the ace bandage and didn’t think much of it. But after 3 days of icing, the rash and burning feeling started to outweigh the initial pain of the injury.  It was when the skin on his Achilles tendon started peeling that he took out the freezer bag he’d been religiously applying to his ankle and read the label. There it was in large, bold letters: “Never apply this gel pack directly to the skin. Direct application of this gel to the skin could cause frostbite”

“I think I have frostbite” he tells me.

What?” I respond trying to swallow my giggles.” How on earth would you have frostbite?  We live in the desert and its 110 degrees out, on a cool day.”

We pulled up Google. And there were his symptoms clear as day, burning, intolerable pain, and a rashy red mark that looks like a burn all over his ankle and tendon.

Day 1









Day 2


Apparently this can get pretty serious very quickly and we needed to consult a doctor immediately. In case you’re ever in this situation there’s not a whole lot to do to remedy frostbite. Take Advil for the inflammation, put Aloe Vera to help the burn and if you’ve been stuck in the snow for 3 days in freezing temperatures chances are you’re dehydrated and need to bring your core temperature back up.  We’ve been sticking to the Advil & Aloe remedy, but apparently only time will tell.

Hopefully the purple blisters that appeared today are part of the normal progression as I’m pretty sure I’m going to need a husband with 2 feet.

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